For nearly two decades, 
Berg Muirhead, a full service public relations agency, has been a major presence on the communications scene in and around Detroit.  

Van Dyke•Horn was formerly named Berg Muirhead and Associates, which was formed in 1998 with a commitment to moving the city and region forward and to partnering with businesses and organizations who shared that goal. Founding partners Georgella Muirhead and Bob Berg were also determined to create a diverse firm that reflects the entire region that it serves. They have succeeded in these objectives and remain as committed to them today as they were when they opened their doors.

Berg Muirhead was and Van Dyke•Horn remains Michigan's only integrated public relations partnership.  

The two founding partners worked as a team directing the City of Detroit’s communications efforts on a variety of extremely high-profile projects during the last eight years of Mayor Coleman Young’s term in office. Their unequaled combination of experience in both the public and private sectors and their years of working collaboratively put them in an ideal position to form a business partnership.  

In 2016, Peter Van Dyke and Marilyn Horn acquired the company after a combined 17 years as members of the Berg Muirhead team.  Van Dyke serves as CEO, leading communications services, and Horn as president, leading operations and finance, and providing services to 25-plus clients that range from global corporations to local charitable organizations. 

Berg and Muirhead continue to be actively engaged in the firm on a daily basis, continuing to serve key clients as part of the Van Dyke•Horn team.

Through the years the firm has managed projects for more than 150 clients in both the public and private sectors, working on a number of successful high profile projects benefiting the city, its neighborhoods and the Southeast Michigan region.  

It prides itself on high-level, focused communications campaigns that are tailored to serve clients’ individual needs. The agency’s philosophy is to be deeply engrained in our community. We build lasting and trusting relationships, we work as full partners with our clients and we seek projects that manifest change.